Monday, June 17, 2024

Geriatric Target Shooting

It's my understanding that Ruger Firearms stock is down, but don't blame me, I purchased two of their target guns in short order. Actually, I purchased three, but the first one was used, so it won't show up on their ledger.

Many years ago I would punch small holes in paper targets with their 22lr target pistol, the one that looks like a caulking gun. After not using it for another number of years, I decided to sell it. Now, recently in my so called golden years, I decided to again reactivate the hobby. I say hobby, because I was never a competitive shooter, only a plinker. Funny thing about these golden years, my arms are weaker and my eyes are dimmer.

The 45oz. used Competition model went back to the store's used case within a couple weeks....It ended up  being a very costly rental! Well done, perhaps over done research steered me to their blue Talo Hunter model, a dime less in weight. That compulsive reading also got me interested in the 2023 Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite Optic Ready model. While there's several promotional articles for that model, this might be the first actual review of sorts.  I say of sorts, because I'm no authority on guns or shooting, just a hobbyist during certain periods of my life. I don't even have anything unique to say, except maybe to a fellow gray haired former recreational target shooter.

Everything I read about the 22/45 Lite line seemed to hold true. The gun is not as accurate as the heavier steel barreled models, but way so enough for these old eyes. Of course old eyes is what brought me to this model, supposedly it is ready for a red dot with no special mounting plate required. Supposedly it will co-witness with the iron sights. I say supposedly because thus far, over a year after the gun has been out, there's no reviews with a red dot on the gun. Co-witnessing is a topic by itself, with some considering the concept itself a fallacy. I'll leave that discussion for gun writers. 

At this time I plan on postponing the red dot purchase. There are numerous low profile models at different price points. For now I'm enjoying the iron sights with the reduced gun weight. For you in the pre and post cataract stage of your life, you know that you can choose your point of focus...back, front or target, but you only get to choose one! Maybe I'll come back with a follow-up post after I acquire a red dot, if I remember that I wrote this piece.

photo of Ruger 22/45 Lite Optic Ready from Ruger catalog

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Rant and Raving Trump Into the White House

I'm not sure that there are any undecided voters for the 24 election.  People have been so very polarized about Trump and politics since the last election. If there are any undecided, and that is the factor of victory come November,  Stormy Daniels just handed victory to Trump. Actually not Stormy herself, but the New York court system. 

Just as the financial analysts refer to something already being baked in the stock price, Stormy has long been baked in the public's perception of Trump. They know that among his other weaker points that he is a womanizer.  However flawed as a trait that may be, people have a sense of fairness. They sense that the trial is on the 2016 election, which to them seems irrelevant at this point in time. I'm not discussing the legality of the trial, but its effect on 2024.

So those that couldn't stand Trump before the trial are huffing and puffing... Who knows, Daniels may end up a host on the View.  Those that were going to vote for Trump in 2024 are not in the least deterred. However, those that may have been undecided about Trump for president again, see a candidate being disenfranchised by what appears to be a judicial farce in the heart of blue America.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Chuck Schumer Was Never On The Subway

Chuck Schumer, United States Senator forever, thinks that Bibi Netanyahu must go as Israeli Prime Minister.  If you were a recent crime victim in NYC, especially in the subway, you might think that it's time for Chuck to leave.

In a recent piece. I stated that you don't have to be anti-semitic to be an anti-zionist, but it helps. Schumer certainly isn't anti-semitic, but he is a liberal progressive from the heartland of that persuasion. There are those who would find the majority leader of the United States Senate saying that the democratically elected prime minister of an ally must go totally inappropriate. I'm sure he made his proclamation only after profound moral indignation over the Gaza conflict. He probably even thinks that his statement took courage on his part. 

I'm sure that Chuck was never on the subway in New York at 10:00 at night, hoping to get to his stop unaccosted. I'm sure Chuck never had to walk up the platform steps to the street hoping to get to his apartment unaccosted.

 I'm sure Chuck never had to fear being butchered while he slept near the border with New Jersey, or have his daughter kidnapped and dragged through the streets of Jersey City naked, before she was raped to death. 

The suffering in Gaza has been immense. There were no cameras or media as Hamas killed away in southern Israel on October 7. Israel and Netanyahu were forced into a war that they didn't start or want. Scrutiny of Israel's counter attack has been relentless. Only now are Israelis starting to return to those communities which were slaughtered by Hamas in October. When the truce comes, peace may be too ambitious of a word, Palestinians will reconsider Hamas, and Israel will reconsider Netanyahu. Those decisions will be made by the victims on both sides, not Chuck Schumer. 

photo of Gaza City before Jew killing rampage Oct. 7, 2023

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

DeSantis Unleashes Death Train On Trump Supporters

The Brightline private train line has killed 104 Trump supporters since its recent startup. Roaring through sleepy towns at 80 miles an hour, many elderly don't even hear the whistle before they become a roadkill pancake. 

In small towns like Palm Bay Florida, the laidback pedestrians were used to slow moving freight trains. All that changed with Brightline's plan to join Miami and Orlando with a speedy connection. While the line invested $millions in new tracks and bridges capable of handling the speed up to 130mph, the human factor got no attention. On the contrary, complaints about the loud whistles will only increase the carnage. 

Perhaps the next president could control the border problem with a Brightline Train instead of a wall.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Bird Society To Rename Birds

The American Ornithological Society will rename birds whose original namers have since been associated with racism. First we removed the statues associated with racism, and now we're renaming birds that used to perch on those statues. 

The virtue warriors, aka Racial Justice Movement, think that this might result in more interest in birding...the term bird brain comes to mind. Although John James Audubon himself has been deemed a racist, that society will retain his name because the name has come to represent more than just a person. 

Perhaps the term jailbird discriminates against our feathered friends?

Friday, August 25, 2023

An American Saga

Say what you will about Trump, he's an American showman. Yesterday's mainstream media spent the day counting down to his booking in Georgia. Although there would be no suspense to that spectacle, every step of the trip was treated as breaking news. His large TRUMP jet flew into Atlanta and the surrender was intentionally prime timed.

While Trump may have resented his trip to Atlanta, Prigozhin would have gladly traded places, his flight did not go as smoothly. Here in America Trump could explain to Tucker Carlson how inept Biden is.  Elsewhere, Putin has announced that there will be an investigation into the crash which took his critic's life.

Some of us conservatives couldn't vote for Trump in 2020 because he wasn't presidential enough in his first term. Likewise, we cannot  consider him for 2024 because he wasn't American enough on January 6th, 2021. 

Thursday, August 24, 2023

DeSantis Wins Debate Show

Trump wasn't at the debate Wednesday night, but MAGA was in the audience.  Their boos and jeers seem to have affected the pundit/analysts Thursday morning.  The main stream media gave the win to Ramaswamy, an interesting person with zero chance of winning the primary. Someone gave the win to Christie on debate finesse.  Although none gave the win to DeSantis, they be wrong. 

The road to the Whitehouse isn't debates. While Trump leads the polls, we're picking a Wednesday night winner here, but forget debating skills. Although some think that Trump won by default even being absent, DeSantis held his own, which is enough.

While Trump's lead may end up being insurmountable, don't count Madison Avenue out. DeSantis has a compelling background to package, and he has enough personality to take out and parade at events, even debates.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Making Lemonade At CNN

Don Lemon is returning to the air after a six minute training session at CNN. Needless to say the training is a joke, and the joke is on their audience. Although woke sells on CNN, Lemon's marketability apparently trumps his misogyny.  He checks so many boxes at CNN... Black, pleasant looking, pleasant talking, and gay to boot...Such newscasters don't grow on trees.

As an image makeover, don't be surprised to see him doing some special on older women. The real lesson is for CNN, not Lemon... They shouldn't allow him to talk off script...He was hired as a pretty face, not a deep thinker. Putting him in a pair of black frame glasses didn't make him any smarter, even if it worked for Anderson.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Stephen Colbert School Of Journalism

The marriage between news and entertainment isn't new, but it's now polygamous, with opinion and politics. With the Stephen Colberts and Jon Stewarts, pundits are comedians, and comedians are pundits.  Both parties, left and right, are the brunt of the other sides' jokes.

This merging of politics, humor and ridicule did the country no good. People have become so polarized that they think that the other side deserves the derision.

I have no delusions that we will revert back to more separation between news and entertainment... That paste isn't going back into the tube.  There is no longer any separation between news and opinion. On the contrary, down the road today's broadcasts might look scholarly. Instead of beautiful blondes, perhaps the news will be delivered by a dummy and ventriloquist...and we won't know the difference.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Defending George Santos

Congressman elect George Santos has ignited a storm of criticism by having embellished his resume, including misrepresenting his Jewish heritage.  Among the offended includes the Jewish Republican Coalition, which will not invite him to future events. The Democrat he defeated wants a rematch!

I am one Jew who is not offended. In two short years Santos will be up for re-election. If the voters of his NYC district are not satisfied with his performance, or cannot forgive his exaggerations from this past election cycle, they simply need not continue his employment as their representative. 

As a local pundit I have seen numerous elected officials misrepresent in office. I have seen them exaggerate their accomplishments for constituents, and pander for re-election. I have seen them praised, despite what I consider unethical behavior. This baptism by fire might actually make incoming representative Santos more responsive to truth than his colleagues, when he actually serves. 

It's no surprise that this pre-inauguration protest is coming from more Democrats (Santos is Republican), and that the Democrats are also criticizing the Republican Party for not proposing harsher punishments for Santos. I think that all Santos' critics should be put under the same microscope.  

We don't condemn exiting politicians from becoming lobbyists, which is at the bottom of the ethical barrel.

*****Five Star Post: Occasionally I have the pleasure of writing a post that I know will be appreciated by no one.  I suppose it's a result from being an independent. While I'm politically a non-partisan independent, I'm also socially independent. The last group I belonged to was the Cub Scouts, over seventy years ago.  Specifically, in regard to this post, so many of your elected officials(both R & D) are lying sacks, who you have elected over and over again. If I have offended you, you may request a subscription refund.

ADDENDUM: I wrote this post several days ago. Since then both the number of investigations of Mr. Santos, and the public outcry, have been steadily growing... That growth and/or scapegoating, allows both you and your elected officials to feel better about the myriad of ongoing deceptions in your district.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

A Bad Night For Trump

When Trump campaigned for Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania, I hoped that Oz could prevail in spite of it...He could not.  Although Oz was a markedly more qualified candidate, Trump proved to be a liability, not an asset...In Pennsylvania no less, a supposed Trump stronghold.

For some of us who supported Oz, Trump's apparently waning influence was the only consolation.  If Trump couldn't push Oz into the Senate, there's no way he can again push himself into the White House.  If Trump cared about the Republican Party, he would turn his focus to a library, not another run for office. However, nobody, even his supporters, believes that he cares about party above himself. If his supporters, his base, could not elect Oz, neither can Trump be re-elected in Pennsylvania, or enough other key states.

While Tuesday was a bad night for Trump, it was a good night for the conservative movement. Now perhaps a candidate will emerge who can win in 2024.

photocredit:Red Bokeh Society

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

My Vote For Oz

I'm not much for making endorsements. When I do so, I usually limit it to one person. For yesterday's election, I promoted Mehmet Oz. Besides for those inflicted with partisanship, there was little to really compare between the two candidates.  

Fetterman's government experience was nominal, with mayorship of a small town of only 1,700 people, and a lieutenant governorship, where he was known mostly as a no-show. His hoodie sweatshirt image garnered him many more followers than his actual experience.

While Democrats tried to besmirch Oz for his television show, he was previously a renowned heart surgeon, especially qualified to understand our country's health care issues. His family's middle eastern background has familiarized him with many issues in foreign policy. 

Although the polls had the race neck and neck, partisanship and the hooded sweatshirt seems to have carried the day for Fetterman. Besides reinforcing Pennsylvania's blue image, the result provides no encouragement to Trump...That's the up side to this unfortunate result.

photocredit:Red Bokeh Society

Monday, November 7, 2022

Cry For The New York Times

There was a time when the NYT was synonymous with journalism...When people repeated the slogan All The News That's Fit To Print.  On the Sunday before the election, when the Times now leads off with the headline that the future of democracy itself is at sake this election (if the Republicans win), their days of journalism are over, and they have become just another tabloid.  Perhaps more sophisticated than most, but a tabloid nevertheless.

In today's world of Twitter and paywalls, headlines have much more significance. For many, they are the news. In fairness to the Times, quality old school journalism may be an extinct commodity. 

Once the ultra wealthy bought sports teams, now they buy newspapers and social media. Apparently, new gauges are needed to measure the quality of today's journalism. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

The Patheticness of Partisanship

Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of John Fetterman caught my attention.  Partisan Democrats will say that she knew Oz, he was on her show 55 times, so with that insight she chose Fetterman. However, a little research reveals that she helped produce his recent Dr. Oz show, all 1000 plus episodes. Truth be told it was just another partisan endorsement, perhaps an accommodation to Obama.

I find all partisanship pathetic. For the rank and file party soldiers, I suppose it's in the line of duty. For a celebrity like Winfrey, it only compromises her reputation and credibility.

As a blogger who accommodates comments, I must host some partisan appeals, or practice censorship...That is a difficult choice.

Friday, October 28, 2022

Fetterman Wins Debate

Supposedly a man walked up to Oz at a rally and said  If not for you, I'd be dead. The heart device you invented saved my life, but I'm voting for Fetterman anyway. That pretty much sums up these polarized times in which we live. 

I believe that the Oz/Fetterman debate did not change one vote.  I believe that the undecided in today's world is a myth, propagated by the polling companies for the purpose of keeping their business relevant. I haven't spoken to one person who changed their mind because of the debate, as lopsided as it may have been.

There are, however, the unmotivated...Those who, for one reason or another, were not intending to vote. A small percentage of them will now be motivated by the underdog....Fetterman will pick up the empathy vote.

In politics it doesn't matter who won the debate, it only matters who gained a few votes because of it.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Fetterman Push Poll

This weekend I had a surplus of patience, and participated in a 20 minute push poll for John Fetterman.  While the poll and interview questions started out somewhat neutral, toward the end each question wanted to know how I felt about some crime against humanity supposedly committed by Mehmet Oz, and if that information lowered my opinion of him.

The script seemed somewhat more sophisticated than the interviewer, who sometimes struggled reading it. While Oz was portrayed as the super-rich carpetbagger, in my limited exposure* Fetterman is outspending him.

In an apparent attempt to camouflage the push, there were a few other questions about other races. I was asked about Shapiro vs. Mastriano, and to rate Biden.

On the other election of local interest, Wild/Scheller, there were no questions. In that race, Wild has been filling up my mailbox with an endless barrage of expensive mailers, complaining about how much money Scheller has to spend.

* my select television stations do not air political ads

Friday, August 19, 2022

The Trump Card

On Wednesday morning the New York Times proclaimed in headline, The Party Of Trump. Their premise, and the premise of much of the media, is that Republicans are weak minded cultists,  even willing to drink poisoned kool-aid. The antiquated primary system often does nominate lesser qualified candidates in both parties... And it can result in non-competitive elections come November.

While this primary system can throw away what should have been slam dunks, as in Pennsylvania's governor race, don't count out a Republican presidential victory in 2024, unless Trump is the nominee.  While Trump's influence can defeat Cheney in Wyoming, he's way too polarizing to win the presidency again.  

While the Times hopes to see Trump run and lose, he won't be at the top of the ticket in 2024, and that's their fear.  With  DeSantis or even Pence, the liberal media will have to work much harder to sway the election.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Spongebaths For The Homeless At Starbucks

Starbucks, in their yearning to be politically correct,  has probably irrevocably degraded their brand, at least in the urban markets.   The policy of restricting restroom use to paying customers is standard procedure in large urban areas.  A white middle class woman told me that she was denied use of the restroom for not being a paying patron at the same Philadelphia Starbucks at the center of the controversy.

Apparently, it is a Starbucks CEO tradition to let PC race ahead of common sense.  Last year they promised to hire 8,000 immigrants.  While nobody is waiting for the immigrants before they buy their latte,  the homeless will start availing themselves of the restrooms.  While my liberal readers, all six of them, will welcome the better restroom facilities for the homeless,  their tune may change next time they use the bathroom in a Philadelphia Starbucks.

If Starbucks' corporate reaction to the incident wasn't enough,  now the Philadelphia Police Commissioner is walking back his previous support of the arresting officers.  He has apologized to the two men arrested, who refused to leave as instructed by the responding officers.  While only reinforcing victim mentality,  I don't see anything productive in these reactions.

photocredit: Bryant/Philadelphia Inquirer

above reprinted from April of 2018

ADDENDUM JULY 14, 2022: Starbucks has announced the closure of numerous inner-city shops, including a Philadelphia location.  My prediction that their political correctness would come back to bite them was apparently accurate.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Another Billy Joel Moment for Allentown

Years ago, former mayor Joe Daddona invited Billy Joel to come here, to soften the image that his song had created about Allentown.  Likewise, current mayor Matt Tuerk is upset about how CBS portrayed Allentown in their broadcast last week.

The CBS segment was based on a supposed correlation between cities with a drastic population shift, and the Jan. 6 riot.  It creates a collage of changing demographics feeding white resentment, resulting in crazed Trump supporters descending upon the Capital. Choosing Allentown as representative of this correlation doesn't sit well with Tuerk and others. He would like CBS to return, and see Allentown through his eyes. Gubernatorial candidate Josh Shapiro has also expressed dismay about the program.

I have some back-channel insight about the CBS production. As a chronicler of local history, CBS contacted me last winter to participate in the interviews. In the course of several conversations, the Jan. 6 riot correlation was never mentioned. I suspect that both men interviewed, Ed Frack and Gary Iacocca, felt broadsided when the program aired.

I doubt that Tuerk will have much success in having CBS revisit Allentown. Mainstream media isn't very big about conceding misrepresentations.

Part 1 of my analysis of the CBS program appeared yesterday on this blog.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

White Rage Fuels Trump Cultists At CBS News

Last week CBS News ran a story contending that there was a correlation between cities with a large demographic shift, such as Allentown, and the January 6th insurrection at the Capital. Their camera crew came to Allentown and interviewed several people, including Gary Iacocca of Yocco's.

Because the story was Allentown centric, the Morning Call subsequently did a feature on the broadcast. I think that some unrelated issues were sandwiched together, creating a correlation* that doesn't exist. 

The demographic shift in Allentown was a significant sociological event. Already twenty years ago, the New York Times noted it in a feature entitled The Latinization Of The Lehigh Valley. 

The January 6th event was conducted by Trump cultists who bought into his deception that the election was stolen. The CBS program suggests that the rioters' depravity was connected to racist rage over the changes in their respective cities.

That's quite a sandwich of malcontent that they concocted. 

* The correlation was supposedly discovered and studied at the University of Chicago.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

An American Physician In Japan

I had become acquainted with Edward Stim M.D. googling about blood pressure meds.  His Physician's Notebooks is an extensive tome on practically any issue of health concern. After a few questions, I got included on his private group email list.  While the Notebooks itself is very personal and forthright,  his emails were a diary of his life, and quite a life it was.

He spent the Korean War period stationed in Japan, where he would learn the culture and meet his future wife. After med school in his hometown of NYC, and then practicing in the city, he would return to Japan, where he stayed for the remainder of his life.  For years, well into his mid eighties, he worked as an on call physician for a travel/hotel service business in Yokohama.

In addition to his Physician's Notebooks, he also wrote erotic novels. He would return frequently to NYC,  where he would enjoy family and activities from his youth in Brooklyn.  He edited medical textbooks and opined on world events. 

He remained both a student and teacher until his passing in December of 2021.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Palin Fair Game

Sarah Palin has been fair game with the press since McCain nominated her in 2008. In the case against the New York Times, she lost before the trial, during the trial, and when the verdict was read. The judge dismissed half the case before the trial, and publicly declared that he would dismiss the charges of libel against the Times, regardless of the verdict. 

Even the Times, although a libel defendant in the case, besmirched her further during the trial. Their reporter wrote that Palin is back in the public eye in a way that is "wholly fitting" with her political persona. 

As a blogger I certainly appreciate freedom of the press.  However, the New York Times purports itself to have standards of objectivity much higher than the gonzo world of words in which I dwell. Although entitled to make a mistake, associating someone with shootings is not something which can be squared away with a correction. 

They certainly did damage her. The real problem is that they in their arrogance consider her fair game. Apparently, the judge also had that same elitist attitude.

Monday, February 7, 2022

National Republican Discourse

As a conservative independent, when not casting my vote for an independent, it more often than not goes to the Republican candidate.  While my disillusionment with Trump occurred early in his term,  any defense of him completely expired on January 6th, 2021.  

While I take heart in Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Mike Pence,  the RNC Salt Lake winter proclamation defending January 6th can only hurt the party in 2022 and 24. Hopefully, by their spring meeting, they will be more Republican, and less Trumpican. 

Trump didn't win the election in 2020, and likewise he wouldn't win in 2024. However,  there is a backlash to the progressive Democratic programs now occurring.  The Defund The Police mentality has turned the urban cores into a lawless jungle.  The endless stimulus payments have a negative effect on the economy. There are real opportunities for rational Republicans to prevail.  However, supporting Trump's delusions is not rational. 

I suppose Republican candidates feel that they can walk the tightrope to win primaries in the spring, and then move more toward the middle for November.  They are overestimating themselves, and underestimating the voters.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Manny Pacquiao Not First Boxer To Run For President

In California these days, everybody walks around with a yoga mat strapped to their back. That certainly wasn't the case in the 1930's, when heavyweight contender Lou Nova studied yoga. Nova was the World Amateur Heavyweight Champion and a proponent of clean living. He won his first twenty two fights as a professional. His promoters said he perfected the Cosmic Punch. Only 6'2", he fought in the era of giants. He handed giant Abe Simon his first defeat after thirteen victories, eleven by knockout. Nova knocked out 6'4'' Max Baer twice. The 1939 knockout is one second away, in the above photograph. Baer himself had won the championship by knocking out Primo Carnera, the Italian giant who was 6'6" and weighed 284 lbs. Baer lost the championship to the Cinderella Man, Jim Braddock. Joe Louis took the belt from Braddock and held it for twelve years, being arguably the best fighter in history. Clean living didn't serve Lou Nova so well with the notorious dirty fighter Two Ton Tony Galento. Galento almost gouged his eye out, putting him in the hospital for weeks. Nova got his shot with Louis on September 29, 1941, but fell in six. Nova would go on to act in movies and even was a write-in candidate for President of the United States. He dropped out of the campaign because his mother was afraid he would catch a cold shaking so many hands. She wasn't afraid of him being in the ring with some of the toughest men in the world.

reprinted from molovinsky on allentown, December of 2012

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Brightline Of Florida

While Biden and the new administration are promoting their $Trillion dollar infrastructure program,  and an improved Amtrak would supposedly be a benefit,  the Republic Of Florida has its own program, with no cost to the taxpayers.

The privately owned high speed train has been operating since 2018 between Miami and West Palm Beach.  Richard Branson, who spent this past weekend near outer space, envisioned a high speed Virgin Train brand between Orlando and Miami. While Virgin is no longer involved with the project,  the extension from West Palm Beach to Orlando is being built.  The Brightline extension requires seventeen new bridges and 170 miles of track. The new track is next to the old existing single track, now in use for freight.

The project is not without controversy. While very few towns would have a station or benefit from the high speed line, the train will be speeding through them.  A concern is the danger imposed by such high speed at all the crossings.

The new bridges are a massive undertaking. Shown above is the bridge construction over the Crane Creek in the Space Coast area.  A temporary bridge was constructed to hold the massive equipment necessary to build the new bridge.

Florida was developed a century ago by Henry Flagler and his train company. Private enterprise does still exist.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Two Ton Galento

In an era of tough men, Tony "Two Ton" Galento was a standout. Although he would never win a Mr. America contest, his left hook could knock down any man, including the legendary Joe Louis. Tony owned a bar in Orange, New Jersey, didn't train, drank beer and ate large meals before he fought. Between 1928 and 1944 he fought 110 times, knocking out 56 of his opponents.

He met the Baer brothers in back to back fights later in his career, losing both bouts, but not before knocking 6'7'' Buddy Baer down. The famous fight with Louis occurred at Yankee Stadium in June of 1939, before Galente beat Lou Nova in the infamous dirty fight. Tony was king of the world in the third round as Louis lay on the canvas, but he got up at the eight count, and knocked Galante out in the next round. Louis would later say that Tony Galante was one of the toughest men he ever fought.
post reprinted from May 30, 2010, bottom photo, after Lou Nova fight, added

Monday, June 21, 2021

Boxing's Giant Era

In California these days, everybody walks around with a yoga mat strapped to their back. That certainly wasn't the case in the 1930's, when heavyweight contender Lou Nova studied yoga. Nova was the World Amateur Heavyweight Champion and a proponent of clean living. He won his first twenty two fights as a professional. His promoters said he perfected the Cosmic Punch. Only 6'2", he fought in the era of giants. He handed giant Abe Simon his first defeat after thirteen victories, eleven by knockout. Nova knocked out 6'4'' Max Baer twice. The 1939 knockout is one second away, in the above photograph. Baer himself had won the championship by knocking out Primo Carnera, the Italian giant who was 6'6" and weighed 284 lbs. Baer lost the championship to the Cinderella Man, Jim Braddock. Joe Louis took the belt from Braddock and held it for twelve years, being arguably the best fighter in history. Clean living didn't serve Lou Nova so well with the notorious dirty fighter Two Ton Tony Galento. Galento almost gouged his eye out, putting him in the hospital for weeks. Nova got his shot with Louis on September 29, 1941, but fell in six. Nova would go on to act in movies and even was a write-in candidate for President of the United States. He dropped out of the campaign because his mother was afraid he would catch a cold shaking so many hands. She wasn't afraid of him being in the ring with some of the toughest men in the world.

reprinted from December of 2012

Friday, June 18, 2021

King Levinsky

In 1964, a young Cassius Clay trained in south Miami Beach for his first fight against Sonny Liston. At that time, this section of the city was home to mostly retired Jews on fixed income. The hotels, decades after their prime, became pension rooming houses. Decades later, these same buildings would be restored to their art deco splendor, creating today's South Beach. As Clay trained, a middle aged punch drunk necktie peddler told him, "After Liston punches your head, you'll be selling ties with me." The street peddler was a fixture in Miami Beach. He didn't ask, he told people they were going to buy a tie. The future champ probably didn't realize that the heckler was none other than King Levinsky, legend of the 1930's, and veteran of over 118 heavyweight fights. Levinsky was born Harris Krakow in Chicago, and worked at his parent's fish market on Maxwell Street, the Jewish section during the roaring twenties. Although he never got a title shot, and weighed only 185, he fought all the leading heavyweights of his time, including the 265lb. giant, Primo Carnera. Managed by his sister Lena, he was known never to turn down a fight, including those against Max Baer.

reprinted from February of  2009

photo shows Levinsky with sister/manager Lena in 1932

Friday, April 9, 2021

Prince Philip's Mother

Long before Prince William walked down the aisle in Westminister Abbey, his great grandmother, Princess Alice (Princess Andrew of Greece), walked there during the wedding of her son Philip, to Princess Elizabeth. Princess(Alice) Andrew, later at the Coronation of Elizabeth, wore the habit of a nun. An extraordinary woman, she had founded a nurses order composed of nuns in Greece. She modeled the order after one started by her aunt and mentor in Russia, whom she had visited many years earlier. Born Princess Alice of Battenberg, she married Prince Andrew of Greece in 1903, assuming her new title.
During the Second World War, she hid a Jewish widow and her children in Athens, saving their lives. In accordance to her wish, she is buried in Jerusalem, next to her cherished aunt Duchess Fyodorovna, in the Russian Orthodox Church of Maria Magdalene.

ADDENDUM: When Prince Charles attended Simon Peres' funeral in Jerusalem last month, he visited the church and his grandmother's tomb. 

reprinted from April 30, 2011

Friday, March 26, 2021

Biden Invites Central America To United States

If America thinks that there is an immigration crisis, they haven't seen anything yet.  At the press conference yesterday, Biden tutored Central America on how to gain entry to the United States...send your young children first.  Biden said that he isn't going to allow a young child to starve to death and stay on the other side (of the border).  He also mentioned that Fort Bliss in Texas will provide 5,000 spaces to properly house children.  Needless to say that both proclamations will increase the flow of  children significantly.  

The notion that he will discourage the flow of immigrants by improving conditions in Central America is ridiculous. 

For someone whose past loose words helped created the current crisis,  yesterday's performance was very disappointing.  

Apparently United States will continue to have to wait for leadership on this human tragedy. 

Friday, March 12, 2021

Biden's Missed Opportunity

Talk of unity comes easy to seasoned politicians...It rolls off their lips.  During last night's speech Biden could have given mention to the Warp Speed project which produced the vaccines in record time.  He didn't have to mention Trump by name, but just a momentary passing reference to the contribution by the previous administration.

During the campaign and before the inauguration, Biden spoke often about the need to unify the nation.  Last night Biden passed on an appropriate opportunity to do so.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Biden Brings Back Earth Shoes

Yesterday, I rewatched Biden's Wednesday speech, thinking perhaps I was too harsh on him with my previous post.  I wasn't.  He truly wants to go back for the future. As Nikki Haley feared, he wants to eliminate anything done during the Trump administration, seemingly on principle alone. 

He refers to black land grant colleges and tribal leaders.  John Kerry became a distinguished statesman.  I consulted my Democratic focus group on their reaction.  Although they conceded he didn't appear to realize that it is 2021, they are still just so joyful that Trump wasn't reelected.  With them Biden gets a pass, with no time stamp.

Although the new administration advocates say that the world is relieved that an adult is back in charge,  that reaction is not universal.  Israel must worry about our resolve now concerning Iran. The Biden administration is pausing military aid to moderate Arab states.  Let us hope that Biden doesn't undo the Abraham Accords.

Looking for the photo above, I learned that Earth Shoes are still in business. While my independent and right learning focus groups are becoming upset, the liberals are digging out their old scandals and bell bottoms.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Joe Biden Should Slow Down The Promises

Out of the gate last week, President Biden was making promises about the Covid-19 vaccine that he cannot deliver on. More vaccines centers will not result in more vaccinations. Only Moderna and Pfizer  producing more vaccine can do that, and they have been producing at capacity, since even before their respective approvals. 

Yesterday, Biden did another Promise and Sign show. He will produce millions of jobs through clean energy, saving our economy and climate at the same time.

Just as Trump couldn't accept his loss, Biden is having difficulty accepting his win. I cringed as he kept mentioning one Obama/Biden program after another.

I hope that he will soon realize that he really is the president, and stop campaigning.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Translating Biden Into English

As an independent not mesmerized by party politics, I can tell you that our new president is still more politician than savior. This observation is not meant as a criticism, only as a reality check. 

As a 74 year old, I have been following the changing Covid-19 guidelines carefully. Despite Biden's recent speech on the pandemic, there remain discrepancies between federal and state guidelines. There even remain discrepancies between federal guidelines and the esteemed Dr. Fauci.

When Biden said that vaccine production would be put on a wartime schedule,  I knew that both Pfizer and Moderna were already producing their versions at maximum capacity. It took the unchained good doctor to clarify that two more companies were coming on board with their respective vaccines, that is what would increase overall supply. When Biden said that he would meet today with his counterpart in Canada, he didn't mention that Trudeau was already unhappy with him. Canada is disappointed by Biden's decision to once again stop the Keystone pipeline, and also wants the US to share some of its Pfizer allotment. While the WHO claims that there can be leeway with the interval between vaccine shots, Dr. Fauci claims that there is no data to support that position.

While I'm grateful that Dr. Fauci is free to set the record straight on the vaccine program, it would be better if no translation was necessary.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Inauguration Or Beatification

Looking at the memes on facebook yesterday, I was wondering if the country was having an inauguration or a beatification. It's not that Biden is so highly regarded, but rather that Trump was so reviled. While an independent myself,  I have been fascinated by this visceral dislike of Trump by so many people. It even changed the nature of our media venues, from a pretense of objectivity to flaunting their point of view.

I agree with Nikki Haley that it would be a shame to throw out every accomplishment over the last four years, because of whose administration they occurred under.  However, with social media overwhelmed yesterday with people expressing their tears of joy,  we are on an emotional,  rather than rational, honeymoon. 

I expect those that elected Biden, both in the voting booth and on the tube,  to revel in their celebration for months.  If we're lucky enough for this pandemic to end come summer,  there is enormous pent-up demand for everything, and the economy will expand for at least another year. 

Eventually the honeymoon will end, and Biden will have to govern.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden's Poor Prescription

Yesterday, when President elect Biden picked transgendered physician Rachel Levine for his Assistant Secretary Of Health,  her gender was front and center with him.  
“Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — and meet the public health needs of our country in this critical moment and beyond," Biden said in a statement. "She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.”
While I have no issue with Dr. Levine's gender status, I do have an issue with Biden being so politically correct that he would go out of his way to choose someone because of their unique gender.  Levine is a historic choice, but not deeply qualified.  She was trained as a pediatrician. There are 50 states with health officials, Levine was by no means a star in her pandemic decisions. The nursing homes virus fatality rate in Pennsylvania was abysmal.  While other states also failed their most vulnerable elderly,  why not pick a physician trained in infectious disease,  not just noted for a personal decision about gender identity. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Security Overreaction Or Surge Event

I don't know anything about the danger to Biden's inauguration from Trump supporters, but I do see a clear and present danger from the massive security put in place.  Young guardsmen will return to their communities from all over the country, after having spend over a week in close quarters with each other.  Many of these young people, in addition to no social distancing, were maskless much of the time. 

Security for January 20th,  appears to be an overreaction from the mistakes of January 6th.  The ceremony could have been staged in a secure location,  instead of bringing over 20,000 troops to Washington.  

Prior to January 6th,  Tea Party groups and others openly organized bus caravans to that rally. Locally, I have heard of no such organization for this coming event,  plus Washington will be closed to the public for the inauguration. 

I cannot understand why this massing of guardsmen and other security isn't recognized as the surge event it will unfortunately become.

UPDATE JANUARY18,2021: While no security threats materialized over the weekend, the surge event expanded. Guardsmen now number over 25,000 in Washington DC. One hapless fellow was arrested in DC for having a handgun in his vehicle with a brick of ammo. Turns out that he is a security guard, and the gun is licensed in Virginia. In Harrisburg, all that could be found was a couple of anti-Trump protesters.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Looking For News In The Trump Era

As a blogger it's important that I stay informed.  Even before the previous election in 2016, a few media companies made a business decision to choose a target audience, with no pretense of objectivity.  As the Trump administration progressed, or declined depending on your point of view,  the concept of objectivity became a rare commodity, perhaps even extinct.

Regardless of how one feels about Trump for president, certainly the sequence of minority speakers at the Republican convention's first night was inspirational.  For CNN to portray the evening as a parade of dishonesty is ironically dishonest.  Even more unfortunate is the former institutions of journalism, such as the NY Times and Washington Post, which now feel morally justified slanting the news.

What will happen to CNN if Trump wins again in 2020? I suppose that they could continue their format, but such an agenda eventually completely erodes credibility. At what point does it become a tabloid at the check out rack, next to the National Enquirer with the Space Aliens Among Us?

Monday, August 24, 2020

Biden's Little White Lie

In one of the Biden's first interviews since the convention,  he said that he didn't feel any pressure to choose a black woman for VP.   Of course, in reality, the only suspense was which black woman was he going to pick.

Black women are a big block in North Carolina, and that state was a big factor in Biden's primary win.  When he obligated himself to picking a woman,  Harris's nomination was practically a done deal.

In Biden's final short list, four out of six women were of color. Among the black women, Harris and Rice were immensely more qualified.  While Rice has extensive international experience, she also had some associated baggage.

When I questioned this blog's Democratic focus group, they all replied what else could he say?  In their minds, no big deal there. After all, it's not like one of Trump's lies.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Obama's Third Term

With the Democratic world going ecstatic for Obama's put down of Trump, I felt compelled to watch/listen to the speech.  Because Obama is such an eloquent speaker, it took two sessions for me to complete the watching.  Although only 19 minutes long, the eloquence which mesmerizes others, annoys me.  Obama could make a rain gutter commercial sound monumental. That quality of such elocution must be put aside, so that the meaningfulness of a speech can be evaluated.

Right off, Trump could not have caused both more virus deaths and also more damage to the economy.  If more restrictions were put into place, there would have been more economic damage.  Unfortunately, both results are proportional to our country's size, and experienced throughout the world.

Both Obama and Biden keep telling us that Joe was Obama's right hand.  However, now Joe would be steering the ship,  but still the best they can say is that he would be steady.  We hear that steady is enough.  Those satisfied with steady think that the country can protect itself, and that all it needs is a president less abrasive.  Perhaps the country can lead itself back into being dependent on outside manufacturing, and picking up the whole tab for world defense.

Those so offended by Trump would gladly settle for Obama's third term. However, it won't actually be Obama delivering their cherished speeches. It would be Biden, occasionally telling us how the massive bureaucracy has been reengaged, to reproduce the previous status quo.  Actually, that's the best it could be,  because if it's worse,  we'll be paying to make everything free for everybody. 

photocredit:Pete Souza

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Journalism And The Southern Strategy

Even before Trump took office in 2017, I noted on this blog that the Pink Hat Movement was unprecedented for a not yet inaugurated president. Before too long those feelings were labeled Trump Derangement Syndrome. That term quickly lost favor. With so many people so vehemently opposed to Trump, it became assumed that anybody who felt less or differently must be the one with some psychological disorder.

While some media companies with market share targets took sides before the election, there still remained those journals interested in objectivity. As a lifelong student of media, I found the reaction to Trump fascinating. His opponents, no matter how sophisticated in media/message, have come to believe that they are opposing the devil, and that his end justifies any means.

Prior bastions of journalism, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, have also abandoned   objectivity...defeating Trump is now seen as a crusade, a righteous mission.

Yesterday, the Times published a headline that Trump's Southern Strategy of using racism is failing. Two years ago such presumptions of strategy, much less racism, would have only appeared as an opinion piece, if at all. The supposed firewalls between news and opinion apparently no longer exist. A month ago, Senator Tom Cottons' piece calling for Trump to quell the riots resulted in the resignation of the Times opinion page editor.

I don't know what is going to be taught in journalism courses as our colleges attempt to restart. I do know that ideals of objectivity can go into the newspaper museum, right alongside of the old lead letters used to set type.

ADDENDUM: This post was intended  only as an observation about the current state of journalism,  not as an evaluation of candidate Trump.  In addition to molovinsky on allentown,  I also publish another blog,  Rainy Morning Chronicle.  Rainy Morning has a facebook page where I occasionally boost the posts.  Facebook,  while constantly prompting me to use the paid service,  rejected the link to this post.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Poor Neighborhoods To Get More Dangerous

When police officers several years ago in Baltimore were castigated for hosting some rough patty wagon trips,  police enforcement, and ultimately protection, took a slowdown in that city.  I expect to see a stand down now around the entire country.

In this current climate of scrutiny by the public, and officials more concerned with their reelection than actual public safety,  a dangerous, thankless job is now becoming a losing proposition.  When coming home from the job requires quick responses,  and everybody is a judge with a surveillance camera,  why would a policeman want to jeopardize himself protecting your property or life?

How ironic is it that "Defund The Police" was a slogan heard at riots and lootings?  Some woke large city officials want to instead divert those funds to social programs.  An activist in Minnesota  said, "We're safer without armed, unaccountable patrols supported by the state hunting black people."

I don't think that they will be safer.  Matter of fact,  I think that life has gotten far more dangerous in poor neighborhoods in the last couple of weeks.  There will be a few less complaints against the police,  but much less protection against the predators in those neighborhoods.

above photo and caption from CNN

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Using A Bad Lesson Well Taught In Philadelphia

Back on May 4th, before the death in police custody in Minneapolis, I wrote about Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.  She instructed the police force not to arrest for minor infractions, like theft and prostitution, during the virus crisis. Large groups of young people were running amok in center city Philadelphia convenience stores,  scooping up everything their backpacks could hold. Meanwhile at City Hall, woke mayor Jim Kenney stayed silent about this decline in civilization. Only after a couple weeks, after a merchant and citizen backlash, did Outlaw and Kenney finally reverse policy.

Philadelphia inner city kids were taught a bad lesson by their police commissioner and mayor. 

Perhaps with that lesson fresh in their mind, some of them may have graduated to the looting this past weekend.

My first reaction to the looting on Walnut and Chestnut Streets was that the police must have stood down. How could looters smash windows and enter a Wells Fargo Bank without being stopped? How could all that theft and destruction only result in 13 arrests Saturday night?

I realize that there are a limited number of police and that Philadelphia is a large city. While I can't pass judgement on the police response, I will on the looters shown above. I do not believe that their thinking centered on George Floyd and institutional racism, but rather about what they could steal.

Here in the Lehigh Valley, the mayors and police chiefs conveyed their commitment to social justice.  But more importantly,  the local protestors expressed their hopes and solidarity in a lawful manner.

photocredit:Steven Falk/Philadelphia Inquirer

Monday, April 6, 2020

Reflecting On Camera And WW2

We are all being challenged by the "Stay At Home" order, and the stress from the reason for it.

Over forty years ago, for a short period, I operated a photographic darkroom in center city. During that period I purchased a box of camera accessories from a then-old camera dealer. These objects are what is referred to as new old stock. Among the items in their original small boxes is a lens hood, from the Reich-Hela Corporation. For what camera was this shade produced?

You won't find much about the Reich-Hela Corporation on google. However, I did discover that they applied for a trademark, Reflecta, for a camera in 1937. It turns out that this camera, with the same logo, named Reflecta, had already been produced for years in Germany, by Richter Company. While that camera manufacturer went through a couple of ownerships, and was even distributed by Sears and Roebuck under a different name, there exists no other mention of the Reich-Hela Corporation, except for one... In 1944 they are listed as a contractor and producer of technical journals for the United States Department of Defense.

I don't know how you spent Sunday, but this was one day in the life of a shut-in blogger/photographer.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Looking For A New Political Tribe

Swimming upstream is nothing new to me, I have never been in calm waters. Recently when I decided that I must cut bait with Donald Trump, I assumed that there would be plenty of tents available to me. I have always considered myself a conservative independent. What I'm finding out is that the country has become so polarized, that there only remains for or against Trump, nothing else.

Even such prestigious sites as AmericanThinker have a distinct slant, now pro Trump. While there are Independents Against Trump, there are no Independents for being independent. when I refer to independent, I don't mean that you won't vote for either party, but that your vote isn't based on party.

In addition to writing molovinsky on allentown since 2007, I have another blog titled Rainy Morning Chronicle. On that venue I place posts that are not Allentown centric, such as this one. If that's not enough of me, there are also two facebook pages...  Allentown Chronicles majors in Allentown history and minors in local politics. The facebook page Rainy Morning Chronicle mirrors the blog of the same name. If there are any other people out there who are not polarized,  perhaps you can direct me to your tent?

Monday, October 14, 2019

Reactions To My Trump Divorce

The push back against my divorce from Donald Trump was adamant. To a Republican friend, it was only a matter of time before I would be advocating  redistribution of wealth. When I republished the post on a conservative social media track, the nicest comment was calling me a traitor.

Because the straw that broke my support was the green light given Erdogan, I felt compelled to find informed analysis contrary to mine.  I say informed, because many Trump supporters don't seem heavy on that trait.  I did find some analysts who felt the Turks were coming anyway, and Trump either had to reposition our forces, or fight another ally, Turkey...  They discounted being able to dissuade Erdogan from crossing the border.  However, that viewpoint makes one doubt that Trump can now get Erdogan to slow down his attack,  despite threats of economic sanctions.

Getting back to this question of how informed Trump supporters actually are, I watched a segment of Trump's rally on Friday night in Minneapolis.  Many of those present were wearing red shirts and being delighted by Trump saying that "Biden kissed Obama's ass."  While some newscasters complained about how unpresidential that comment was,  all I could think of was the Jerry Springer show.

While it is apparent that those willing to dress in a red tee-shirt won't change their support of Trump over the plight of the Kurds,  how many are like me remains to be seen. .  My support for Trump didn't flip just because of the Kurds, but rather a build up of can only wince so many times.