Friday, July 5, 2024

Biden Circling The Wagons

As the governors left the White House Wednesday evening, the best they could say was that Biden was staying in the race, and that they support him. They referred to the battle against the threat of Donald Trump and the path to victory. None of these liars by omission would say that Biden appeared fine, but rather that he was staying in.

By not hearing any words like fit, vigor, fine, alert and so forth, I conclude that they're not  even sure that Biden will remember the meeting with them. 

Pa. senator Casey spent Wednesday in Northampton county, urging Democrat officials to circle the wagons. While he spoke about protecting us against corporate greed, I wonder who will protect us against elected deception.  While I'm not a Republican, and hate carrying water for any political party, these omissions about Biden's condition reflect on the credibility of all the silent elected Democratic officials, down to small town mayors.

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