Thursday, May 9, 2024

Rant and Raving Trump Into the White House

I'm not sure that there are any undecided voters for the 24 election.  People have been so very polarized about Trump and politics since the last election. If there are any undecided, and that is the factor of victory come November,  Stormy Daniels just handed victory to Trump. Actually not Stormy herself, but the New York court system. 

Just as the financial analysts refer to something already being baked in the stock price, Stormy has long been baked in the public's perception of Trump. They know that among his other weaker points that he is a womanizer.  However flawed as a trait that may be, people have a sense of fairness. They sense that the trial is on the 2016 election, which to them seems irrelevant at this point in time. I'm not discussing the legality of the trial, but its effect on 2024.

So those that couldn't stand Trump before the trial are huffing and puffing... Who knows, Daniels may end up a host on the View.  Those that were going to vote for Trump in 2024 are not in the least deterred. However, those that may have been undecided about Trump for president again, see a candidate being disenfranchised by what appears to be a judicial farce in the heart of blue America.

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