Sunday, March 17, 2024

Chuck Schumer Was Never On The Subway

Chuck Schumer, United States Senator forever, thinks that Bibi Netanyahu must go as Israeli Prime Minister.  If you were a recent crime victim in NYC, especially in the subway, you might think that it's time for Chuck to leave.

In a recent piece. I stated that you don't have to be anti-semitic to be an anti-zionist, but it helps. Schumer certainly isn't anti-semitic, but he is a liberal progressive from the heartland of that persuasion. There are those who would find the majority leader of the United States Senate saying that the democratically elected prime minister of an ally must go totally inappropriate. I'm sure he made his proclamation only after profound moral indignation over the Gaza conflict. He probably even thinks that his statement took courage on his part. 

I'm sure that Chuck was never on the subway in New York at 10:00 at night, hoping to get to his stop unaccosted. I'm sure Chuck never had to walk up the platform steps to the street hoping to get to his apartment unaccosted.

 I'm sure Chuck never had to fear being butchered while he slept near the border with New Jersey, or have his daughter kidnapped and dragged through the streets of Jersey City naked, before she was raped to death. 

The suffering in Gaza has been immense. There were no cameras or media as Hamas killed away in southern Israel on October 7. Israel and Netanyahu were forced into a war that they didn't start or want. Scrutiny of Israel's counter attack has been relentless. Only now are Israelis starting to return to those communities which were slaughtered by Hamas in October. When the truce comes, peace may be too ambitious of a word, Palestinians will reconsider Hamas, and Israel will reconsider Netanyahu. Those decisions will be made by the victims on both sides, not Chuck Schumer. 

photo of Gaza City before Jew killing rampage Oct. 7, 2023

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