Friday, October 28, 2022

Fetterman Wins Debate

Supposedly a man walked up to Oz at a rally and said  If not for you, I'd be dead. The heart device you invented saved my life, but I'm voting for Fetterman anyway. That pretty much sums up these polarized times in which we live. 

I believe that the Oz/Fetterman debate did not change one vote.  I believe that the undecided in today's world is a myth, propagated by the polling companies for the purpose of keeping their business relevant. I haven't spoken to one person who changed their mind because of the debate, as lopsided as it may have been.

There are, however, the unmotivated...Those who, for one reason or another, were not intending to vote. A small percentage of them will now be motivated by the underdog....Fetterman will pick up the empathy vote.

In politics it doesn't matter who won the debate, it only matters who gained a few votes because of it.

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