Wednesday, November 9, 2022

My Vote For Oz

I'm not much for making endorsements. When I do so, I usually limit it to one person. For yesterday's election, I promoted Mehmet Oz. Besides for those inflicted with partisanship, there was little to really compare between the two candidates.  

Fetterman's government experience was nominal, with mayorship of a small town of only 1,700 people, and a lieutenant governorship, where he was known mostly as a no-show. His hoodie sweatshirt image garnered him many more followers than his actual experience.

While Democrats tried to besmirch Oz for his television show, he was previously a renowned heart surgeon, especially qualified to understand our country's health care issues. His family's middle eastern background has familiarized him with many issues in foreign policy. 

Although the polls had the race neck and neck, partisanship and the hooded sweatshirt seems to have carried the day for Fetterman. Besides reinforcing Pennsylvania's blue image, the result provides no encouragement to Trump...That's the up side to this unfortunate result.

photocredit:Red Bokeh Society

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