Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Palin Fair Game

Sarah Palin has been fair game with the press since McCain nominated her in 2008. In the case against the New York Times, she lost before the trial, during the trial, and when the verdict was read. The judge dismissed half the case before the trial, and publicly declared that he would dismiss the charges of libel against the Times, regardless of the verdict. 

Even the Times, although a libel defendant in the case, besmirched her further during the trial. Their reporter wrote that Palin is back in the public eye in a way that is "wholly fitting" with her political persona. 

As a blogger I certainly appreciate freedom of the press.  However, the New York Times purports itself to have standards of objectivity much higher than the gonzo world of words in which I dwell. Although entitled to make a mistake, associating someone with shootings is not something which can be squared away with a correction. 

They certainly did damage her. The real problem is that they in their arrogance consider her fair game. Apparently, the judge also had that same elitist attitude.

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