Friday, August 25, 2023

An American Saga

Say what you will about Trump, he's an American showman. Yesterday's mainstream media spent the day counting down to his booking in Georgia. Although there would be no suspense to that spectacle, every step of the trip was treated as breaking news. His large TRUMP jet flew into Atlanta and the surrender was intentionally prime timed.

While Trump may have resented his trip to Atlanta, Prigozhin would have gladly traded places, his flight did not go as smoothly. Here in America Trump could explain to Tucker Carlson how inept Biden is.  Elsewhere, Putin has announced that there will be an investigation into the crash which took his critic's life.

Some of us conservatives couldn't vote for Trump in 2020 because he wasn't presidential enough in his first term. Likewise, we cannot  consider him for 2024 because he wasn't American enough on January 6th, 2021. 

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