Monday, June 17, 2024

Geriatric Target Shooting

It's my understanding that Ruger Firearms stock is down, but don't blame me, I purchased two of their target guns in short order. Actually, I purchased three, but the first one was used, so it won't show up on their ledger.

Many years ago I would punch small holes in paper targets with their 22lr target pistol, the one that looks like a caulking gun. After not using it for another number of years, I decided to sell it. Now, recently in my so called golden years, I decided to again reactivate the hobby. I say hobby, because I was never a competitive shooter, only a plinker. Funny thing about these golden years, my arms are weaker and my eyes are dimmer.

The 45oz. used Competition model went back to the store's used case within a couple weeks....It ended up  being a very costly rental! Well done, perhaps over done research steered me to their blue Talo Hunter model, a dime less in weight. That compulsive reading also got me interested in the 2023 Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite Optic Ready model. While there's several promotional articles for that model, this might be the first actual review of sorts.  I say of sorts, because I'm no authority on guns or shooting, just a hobbyist during certain periods of my life. I don't even have anything unique to say, except maybe to a fellow gray haired former recreational target shooter.

Everything I read about the 22/45 Lite line seemed to hold true. The gun is not as accurate as the heavier steel barreled models, but way so enough for these old eyes. Of course old eyes is what brought me to this model, supposedly it is ready for a red dot with no special mounting plate required. Supposedly it will co-witness with the iron sights. I say supposedly because thus far, over a year after the gun has been out, there's no reviews with a red dot on the gun. Co-witnessing is a topic by itself, with some considering the concept itself a fallacy. I'll leave that discussion for gun writers. 

At this time I plan on postponing the red dot purchase. There are numerous low profile models at different price points. For now I'm enjoying the iron sights with the reduced gun weight. For you in the pre and post cataract stage of your life, you know that you can choose your point of focus...back, front or target, but you only get to choose one! Maybe I'll come back with a follow-up post after I acquire a red dot, if I remember that I wrote this piece.

photo of Ruger 22/45 Lite Optic Ready from Ruger catalog

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