Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Sticking A Fork In Biden

Although I'm reluctant to keep posting the Biden saga everyday, everyday a new twist has unfolded. Yesterday Biden sent a limp letter to the Democratic Congress. In it he cites that he was the voter's choice in the primary, and that he alone can defend democracy from Donald Trump. He didn't address the real elephant in the room, his cognitive condition. His omission of this concern will not make the anxiety of his continued campaign go away, on the contrary. The Democrats in Congress already knew all the election talking points. The letter, if anything, confirmed their suspicions that Biden is out of touch. 

A comment on Friday's blog post took Susan Wild to task for hosting Jill Biden last week, and then questioning her husband's capacity over the weekend. Wild was correct in being cordial to Mrs. Biden and not mentioning the controversy on Jill's visit to Allentown.

Also in a comment yesterday, I mentioned that Biden's condition will move no votes to Trump's column, regardless of who ends up as the Democratic candidate. The only candidate who may gain some votes from the Democratic malaise is Bobby Kennedy Jr.. I wouldn't assume that all people looking at Kennedy are from the D column. Given the alternatives, he is appealing more and more to Democrats, Republicans and independents.

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