Monday, July 8, 2024

Biden And Flying Saucers

Biden's interview with Stephanopoulos didn't bring the anticipated closure to the Biden dilemma. It didn't confirm his spaceyness or put those fears to rest. Appropriately enough, this weekend was also the spaceship convention is Roswell New Mexico. I saw some of the participants, and can tell you they could care less about Biden's fitness for office.

Back here on earth one of my concerns was Stephanopoulos's intentions as the interviewer. My hair is gray enough to remember him dodging for the Clintons. He seemed to firmly ask relevant questions. Of course Biden should have been able to articulate if he's staying in the race, not too many facts and figures needed for that answer. 

If I were a Yellow Dog Democrat I would find the situation distressing. Biden assured nobody that he is up to the task, but was coherent enough to defend against his being replaced. Then again, nobody is actually voting for Joe Biden, they are voting against Donald Trump.

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