Monday, August 29, 2022

Fetterman Push Poll

This weekend I had a surplus of patience, and participated in a 20 minute push poll for John Fetterman.  While the poll and interview questions started out somewhat neutral, toward the end each question wanted to know how I felt about some crime against humanity supposedly committed by Mehmet Oz, and if that information lowered my opinion of him.

The script seemed somewhat more sophisticated than the interviewer, who sometimes struggled reading it. While Oz was portrayed as the super-rich carpetbagger, in my limited exposure* Fetterman is outspending him.

In an apparent attempt to camouflage the push, there were a few other questions about other races. I was asked about Shapiro vs. Mastriano, and to rate Biden.

On the other election of local interest, Wild/Scheller, there were no questions. In that race, Wild has been filling up my mailbox with an endless barrage of expensive mailers, complaining about how much money Scheller has to spend.

* my select television stations do not air political ads

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