Thursday, January 21, 2021

Inauguration Or Beatification

Looking at the memes on facebook yesterday, I was wondering if the country was having an inauguration or a beatification. It's not that Biden is so highly regarded, but rather that Trump was so reviled. While an independent myself,  I have been fascinated by this visceral dislike of Trump by so many people. It even changed the nature of our media venues, from a pretense of objectivity to flaunting their point of view.

I agree with Nikki Haley that it would be a shame to throw out every accomplishment over the last four years, because of whose administration they occurred under.  However, with social media overwhelmed yesterday with people expressing their tears of joy,  we are on an emotional,  rather than rational, honeymoon. 

I expect those that elected Biden, both in the voting booth and on the tube,  to revel in their celebration for months.  If we're lucky enough for this pandemic to end come summer,  there is enormous pent-up demand for everything, and the economy will expand for at least another year. 

Eventually the honeymoon will end, and Biden will have to govern.

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