Friday, January 22, 2021

Translating Biden Into English

As an independent not mesmerized by party politics, I can tell you that our new president is still more politician than savior. This observation is not meant as a criticism, only as a reality check. 

As a 74 year old, I have been following the changing Covid-19 guidelines carefully. Despite Biden's recent speech on the pandemic, there remain discrepancies between federal and state guidelines. There even remain discrepancies between federal guidelines and the esteemed Dr. Fauci.

When Biden said that vaccine production would be put on a wartime schedule,  I knew that both Pfizer and Moderna were already producing their versions at maximum capacity. It took the unchained good doctor to clarify that two more companies were coming on board with their respective vaccines, that is what would increase overall supply. When Biden said that he would meet today with his counterpart in Canada, he didn't mention that Trudeau was already unhappy with him. Canada is disappointed by Biden's decision to once again stop the Keystone pipeline, and also wants the US to share some of its Pfizer allotment. While the WHO claims that there can be leeway with the interval between vaccine shots, Dr. Fauci claims that there is no data to support that position.

While I'm grateful that Dr. Fauci is free to set the record straight on the vaccine program, it would be better if no translation was necessary.

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