Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Biden's Poor Prescription

Yesterday, when President elect Biden picked transgendered physician Rachel Levine for his Assistant Secretary Of Health,  her gender was front and center with him.  
“Dr. Rachel Levine will bring the steady leadership and essential expertise we need to get people through this pandemic — no matter their zip code, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability — and meet the public health needs of our country in this critical moment and beyond," Biden said in a statement. "She is a historic and deeply qualified choice to help lead our administration’s health efforts.”
While I have no issue with Dr. Levine's gender status, I do have an issue with Biden being so politically correct that he would go out of his way to choose someone because of their unique gender.  Levine is a historic choice, but not deeply qualified.  She was trained as a pediatrician. There are 50 states with health officials, Levine was by no means a star in her pandemic decisions. The nursing homes virus fatality rate in Pennsylvania was abysmal.  While other states also failed their most vulnerable elderly,  why not pick a physician trained in infectious disease,  not just noted for a personal decision about gender identity. 

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