Thursday, August 29, 2019

Opioid Lottery Ticket For Cities

The city of Allentown, Pennsylvania announced that it is suing big pharma for the opioid crisis. Allentown joins about 200 other cities in purchasing this lottery ticket. I have mixed feelings about the current suits against pharma regarding opioids. Although I realize that many abusers have overdosed, at what point do these suits discourage drugs companies from new research? The drugs were developed for people needing relief from severe pain. While some doctors may make the drugs too available for patients, the leap to Allentown suing is opportunistic. While the drug companies appear to be a soft target for the current addiction of choice, should distillers be held responsible for the alcoholics? Perhaps Afghanistan could pay remuneration for the heroin problem?

However, these suits are a popular notion with the left, making the man pay, and retribution against capitalist greed.

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