Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Democratic Boxing Tournament

Yesterday,  molovinsky on allentown featured one of my posts from the Joe Louis boxing era. During that period people would sit around the radio and listen to the event. I do not get CNN on my limited television package, so I ended up listening to some of it on my computer.

I mostly heard people interrupting each other, with Elizabeth Warren being the main interrupter. I did hear Bernie Sanders say that He wrote the damn bill. This morning I read that it was the knockout line of the debate. Before I fell asleep, I also heard him say that under his plan I could get a hearing aid with my medicare. I could use that.

I understand that the rest of the tournament is tonight. Because I keep baker's hours, I couldn't stay up that late even if my TV received CNN. But, I figure if Joe Biden can stay up and stand on the stage, I should be able to stay awake long enough to listen to some of it.  Anyway, who knows what I'll get promised tonight?

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