Monday, May 21, 2018

Overpreaching At A Royal Wedding

Bishop Michael Curry got carried away with his 15 minutes of frame, by about 5 minutes.  His sermon concept was appropriate,  but the delivery was way too long. There were too many examples of each point that he wanted to make.

Most reviewers, especially the British, are too polite and politically correct to bluntly say that he was supposed to complement the service, but not dominate it.  One review said that he stole the show.  The problem is that it wasn't his show to steal,  it was a royal wedding.  Guests, both invited and vicarious virtual,  came to witness a wedding, not a sermon.

I fully appreciate that Meghan and Harry wanted to blend their cultures at the ceremony.  Bishop Curry was a good choice to speak,  but fewer words would have been better received.

Never the less, I wish to express my gratitude to Harry and Meghan for their kind invitation.

Published from The Savoy Hotel, London, England

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