Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Defending George Santos

Congressman elect George Santos has ignited a storm of criticism by having embellished his resume, including misrepresenting his Jewish heritage.  Among the offended includes the Jewish Republican Coalition, which will not invite him to future events. The Democrat he defeated wants a rematch!

I am one Jew who is not offended. In two short years Santos will be up for re-election. If the voters of his NYC district are not satisfied with his performance, or cannot forgive his exaggerations from this past election cycle, they simply need not continue his employment as their representative. 

As a local pundit I have seen numerous elected officials misrepresent in office. I have seen them exaggerate their accomplishments for constituents, and pander for re-election. I have seen them praised, despite what I consider unethical behavior. This baptism by fire might actually make incoming representative Santos more responsive to truth than his colleagues, when he actually serves. 

It's no surprise that this pre-inauguration protest is coming from more Democrats (Santos is Republican), and that the Democrats are also criticizing the Republican Party for not proposing harsher punishments for Santos. I think that all Santos' critics should be put under the same microscope.  

We don't condemn exiting politicians from becoming lobbyists, which is at the bottom of the ethical barrel.

*****Five Star Post: Occasionally I have the pleasure of writing a post that I know will be appreciated by no one.  I suppose it's a result from being an independent. While I'm politically a non-partisan independent, I'm also socially independent. The last group I belonged to was the Cub Scouts, over seventy years ago.  Specifically, in regard to this post, so many of your elected officials(both R & D) are lying sacks, who you have elected over and over again. If I have offended you, you may request a subscription refund.

ADDENDUM: I wrote this post several days ago. Since then both the number of investigations of Mr. Santos, and the public outcry, have been steadily growing... That growth and/or scapegoating, allows both you and your elected officials to feel better about the myriad of ongoing deceptions in your district.

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Senator Blumenthal said He served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam