Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romney's 47%

Yesterday I went to the Social Security Office, across from the prison, to discuss my retirement options. I was given number 199. In addition to retirement, Social Security also dispenses money for disability. I would say from the gray hair, there were about three of us contemplating retirement, all the others were for disability. A few middle age men were carrying their fake canes. The canes aren't fake, it's the disabilities. I saw one such gentleman walk in from the parking lot, clearly the cane bore no weight, and was merely a prop. Most of the people waiting were quite young, in their twenties. Disability has now been expanded to include mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, additive personality and anger management. I will say many of them did look angry to me. It was hard finding a parking space. Business also looked good across the street, at the prison.....

The above is reprinted from a previous post entitled Growth Industry In Allentown.  The Obama camp and their sycophants in the media, think that they're having a field day with the secret Romney tape.  In reality, the tape raises a question about a serious problem in America,  which Obama and his choir wouldn't want to address.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Media Gambles Credibility On Obama

In November Obama may win through the Electoral College, yet lose the popular vote. In any voter outcome, the media will be the loser. Although we are in an era where some media outlets don't purport objectivity, this election has inspired everyone to throw caution to the wind. Obama was a concept, that genuinely inspired the progressively dominated media industry. To the extent that he turned out to be more style than substance, his re-election is not a given. The media players naturally are not easily giving up their dream. Thrown into the mix is a market condition which rewards theatrics more than facts, and everyone becomes an actor first, and a reporter second. When the votes are counted in November, when the frenzy is over, the public will digest what was served as news. No matter who's the president, they will know who wasn't a reporter, and what wasn't news.