Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Huffington Post, A Electronic Tabloid

I see less tabloids at the supermarket checkout. Perhaps this is because the main stream media has itself turned tabloid. Perhaps nothing illustrates this better than the internet giant, The Huffington Post. Day after day they carry water for President Obama by misrepresenting Mitt Romney. Photographs from one occasion are routinely mismatched with the caption from another, to illustrate their distortions. While the word Post suggests news from a bygone era, Huffington is strictly checkout counter sensationalism. Unfortunately, for the news hungry, they are not alone. While MSNBC and FOX have always wore their bias on their sleeve, CNN and the networks are now adopting the format. With Romney catching up in the polls, despite the media advantage, it appears that the public can comprehend the difference between news and propaganda. Welcome to The Morning Chronicle.

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JoshLCowen said...

CNN is only NOW adopting a 'bias' format? MM. Have you been living under a rock since that commie love Ted Turner started CNN? Until MSNBC came along CNN was the epitomy of bias.