Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Stamp Collector

While the world politicians are doing their best to split the globe apart by means of iron curtains and brute force, the world postal services are demonstrating - in their quiet, unobtrusive way - what is required to bring mankind closer together: a specific purpose cooperatively carried out, serving individual goals and needs. It is the voices of individual men that stamps carry around the globe; it is individual men that need a postal service; kings, dictators and other rulers do not work by mail. In this sense, stamps are the world's ambassadors of good will.
Ayn Rand

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alan shirk said...

Thanks to you, Michael, I now know why I have been fascinated by postage stamps since my father bought me my first plate blocks in 1953. There indeed is something special and non-threatening about them, and I think every country has them. And, for me sometimes they are like 45 rpms bringing back memories. Cool to know that there are other people who see what I see. It's pretty lonely out here.