Thursday, August 24, 2023

DeSantis Wins Debate Show

Trump wasn't at the debate Wednesday night, but MAGA was in the audience.  Their boos and jeers seem to have affected the pundit/analysts Thursday morning.  The main stream media gave the win to Ramaswamy, an interesting person with zero chance of winning the primary. Someone gave the win to Christie on debate finesse.  Although none gave the win to DeSantis, they be wrong. 

The road to the Whitehouse isn't debates. While Trump leads the polls, we're picking a Wednesday night winner here, but forget debating skills. Although some think that Trump won by default even being absent, DeSantis held his own, which is enough.

While Trump's lead may end up being insurmountable, don't count Madison Avenue out. DeSantis has a compelling background to package, and he has enough personality to take out and parade at events, even debates.


Anonymous said...

Ron DeSantis turned out an acceptable performance, but came off as timid at first and shallow in many spots. When he really got into the specifics of his record, things got different -- speaking of firing bad prosecutors who refuse to do their jobs, taking on critical race theory and other shibboleths of wokedom, making Florida prosperous with clean elections -- these were things of beauty.

How I wish he could be President Trump's vice president.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how some of these politicians claim to be Catholic but still agree to ABORTION.
GOD gave us 10 simple commandments one which is thou shall NOT kill..