Friday, January 29, 2021

Biden Brings Back Earth Shoes

Yesterday, I rewatched Biden's Wednesday speech, thinking perhaps I was too harsh on him with my previous post.  I wasn't.  He truly wants to go back for the future. As Nikki Haley feared, he wants to eliminate anything done during the Trump administration, seemingly on principle alone. 

He refers to black land grant colleges and tribal leaders.  John Kerry became a distinguished statesman.  I consulted my Democratic focus group on their reaction.  Although they conceded he didn't appear to realize that it is 2021, they are still just so joyful that Trump wasn't reelected.  With them Biden gets a pass, with no time stamp.

Although the new administration advocates say that the world is relieved that an adult is back in charge,  that reaction is not universal.  Israel must worry about our resolve now concerning Iran. The Biden administration is pausing military aid to moderate Arab states.  Let us hope that Biden doesn't undo the Abraham Accords.

Looking for the photo above, I learned that Earth Shoes are still in business. While my independent and right learning focus groups are becoming upset, the liberals are digging out their old scandals and bell bottoms.

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