Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Liberals Who Love Immigrants

Liberals helping immigrants are the nicest liberals in the world.  What can actually be done with $4,000 pouring in each minute for the cause?  Because the immigrants are still illegal, and must be detained or deported under the law, perhaps the fund can be used to buy them condominiums or time shares in Acapulco?  Here is the USA, it reminds me of Habitat For Humanity.

Although the Habitat homes are supposed to be built with help from the lucky recipients, they never really put in any sweat equity. In reality, one organized church group after another lines up to work and feel good about themselves. What could be less American than an instant home that you didn't work, earn and save for?  The homes are usually occupied by recent arrivals to an area, with no local roots or even history of working.

To build a future slum, infuse it with guilt and a few liberal advocates, and then let it simmer for a few years.


doug_b said...

The question: How does America stop the flood of migrants before it alters forever the political and demographic character of our nation and our civilization.

This is the problem with multiculturalism: It assumes all cultures and beliefs are equal - but they are not. Yes, we are superior in our culture and beliefs - that is why we have the country and infrastructure that we have. If the others were equal (or better) they would not be invading our country.

And the stupid liberals don't get it. You can only have so many people in a lifeboat, before it sinks.

TRENT HALL said...

Well, there are several steps the country could take:

1. If you want to stop the job magnet...then you have to be willing to take on $BIG BUSINESS that wants a supply of cheap labor. E Verification System will never be mandatory for business because corporations fund Congress and hence Congress will never penalize BUSINESS for hiring undocumented workers. It's easier to penalize/criminalize the workers (they are inexhaustible & vulnerable).

2. Under the BS claim of fighting "Communism" we support criminal/narco/fascist governments in Central America with weapons for their quasi governmental criminal police/security forces to oppress their own citizens. This creates rival gangs and rebel movements. Thus, these countries are in a constant spiral of murder & violence and lawlessness underpinned by US support for their repressive governments, which award US Corporations with favorable tax and other benefits (i.e. outlawing unions/permitting child labor/low wages/yadda yadda). The oppressive Church doctrines against birth control and for continued financial support from the already poor to maintain the church system perpetuates an endless cycle of children having children and poverty. Many of those traveling hundreds/thousands of miles to reach the border are fleeing violence. Reduce violence and they would stay home.

Bob said...

I worked on a Habitat for Humanity home for a day years ago. The homeowner was there all day, and had been there for many days prior to that, as evidenced by their familiarity with the site.

Doug B's opinion appears to be that the country with the most wealth has a superior culture. By this logic, does Switzerland with its per-capita GDP of $78,813 have a far superior culture to the United States, since our per-capita GDP is much lower?

Last, when you resort to calling people who think differently "stupid", the insult says more about you than it does about them.

doug_b said...

I don't think there is any argument that the Europeans / Americans have been responsible for virtually all the advancements in the world today. From the Magna Carta, Universities, scientific inquiry, industrial revolution, medicine, engineering, electronics, micro-circuits, computers, GPS, and cell phones - all invented and perfected by Europeans and Americans. This is wealth. Wealth continues with interstate highways, public sanitation, rule of law, and a safe society.

Why do these people want to come to the US - instead of going to some other Latin American country, where they can speak the language? It's because they know the US will give them welfare. The other countries don't. How about the woman with a child (children) - what can a single woman, who doesn't speak English, with a limited education - what can she contribute to our advanced society? The answer is she can't. It's more of a load on our overloaded welfare system.

One definition of stupid: having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.

There is a lack of common sense to allow our country to be flooded with illegals. Today, Trump suggested that we turn them away. If they are within 100 miles of the border, and have been here less than 14 days.

TRENT HALL said...

Well, one thing they contribute is to pick the fruit you eat for ten cents a basket, clean your house and nanny your children for bukpes, slaughter & process the meat you eat for minimum wage, collect your garage, service fast food restaurants,take care of your aged parents you have parked in nursing homes, and maintain & service your lawn.

If Americans were willing to do these jobs, then BUSINESS wouldn't have to attract them, by hiring them.

Guess you forgot that Joseph, Mary & baby Jesus fled violence & oppression and had to flee their country to enter another, Egypt, to escape from murder.

As for "advances" that Americans/Europeans ONLY contributed, how come people then are not happier than ever, but, rather immersed in opiods, with suicide and bankruptcy prevalent? American society is considered crude & lacking much culture by the rest of the world. There is a far bigger world out there than seen on Fox Faux "News."