Saturday, August 31, 2013

History Passed By Obama Today

Today Barack Obama explained how the Syrian gas massacre demands immediate action, for which there is no rush. He emphatically articulated the moral need for decisiveness, which he will pass on to Congress to debate back and forth. He gave a masterful lesson in triple talk, that will long confuse the world. He warned our enemies, with steely resolve, that our red lines are written in disappearing ink. He reassured our allies that they are truly alone. History passed by Obama today, but he was eloquent.


Bob Grim said...

This guy has left us impotent due to his "foreign policy", set back race relations 50 years, destroyed our economy and our health insurance industry. But he must be improving his golf game.

michael molovinsky said...

bob @ 7:11, i disagree about race relations, and believe that the economy is a wash.

Anonymous said...

Fox News was running video of President Obama,Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Kerry all insisting that President Bush needed to get Congressional authority to go to war.I don't know if this video had anything to do with The President going to Congress for authority to wage war but it could have been a facor

Anonymous said...

The American People, obviously satisfied with the overall results / state of "progress" during Obama's first term, have who they want as their leader --- they just gave him another four-year term less than twelve months ago, of course.

Everybody knows that both race relations and the economy have never been better.

And, Obamacare is hugely popular --- particularly with Unions and Congressional staff.